Turin, here comes the real Nkoulou. And in January it remains


TURIN – He stressed Mazzarri, after the comforting draw against Napoli ("a moral victory on the field"), to be satisfied, "finally", with the "beautiful rediscovered defensive solidity". Of course! For the first time in the league, and moreover against the many offensive talents of Ancelotti, the Toro had returned to not even collect a pear, the trademark of last season: 15 meetings with "clean sheets", as the British say, that is, without conceding a goal. Of course, the Neapolitans had also wasted something in front of it. IS Sirigu he had put his own, for a change. But indeed a defense had been revised: if not as Dio commands, at least as Mazzarri commands. Careful, concentrated, tactically balanced.

Mazzarri: "Nkoulou is in clear athletic progress"

A lady of defense, also accompanied by an entire ad hoc defensive phase, from the midfield downwards. All the more with that alternation continues in the change of form, that is with the passage now to a rearguard to 4, as the grenades were not in possession of the ball, now at 3, in canonical form, when it was instead the Taurus to maneuver. "We saw so many bulls in one, tactically." But he also said, still Mazzarri, in particular of Nkoulou: «He has disengaged well, it is true. How he can do it, as he used to. On the other hand it is in clear athletic progress. And this is one of the reasons why he has returned to playing in his own way ». Of course, the physical. But also the head: no longer outside the … hinges.

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