'Trump went out of the script in his telephone conversation with Erdogan'


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US-based Fox News channel Speaking to an American military sources, US President Donald Trump with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in before Operation Turkey's Euphrates Peace Spring organized the eastern reported the details of the made Sunday's phone call.

US military sources quoted Trump as saying what he would say to Erdogan in the phone conversation. One of the items in these speech notes was söyle Tell Erdoğan to stay north of the border ".

However, according to the military source, Trump said, "He went outside the predetermined scenario."

US military officials, Trump on the request of air support by the Kurdish forces in Syria, the US army 'attacks not to intervene' ordered. According to a military source with information on the issue, Trump pointed to the issue of Syria and ISIS and said: "Let the Turks handle it!"

On the other hand, top US military commanders were amazed by the timing of Trump's decision: "This is a big issue. The Democratic Syrian Forces (DSG) will have to redirect itself to the north and stop ISIS."

'The Turks do not see ISIS as we do'

Concerning the 10,000 ISIS detainees held in the DSG-controlled areas and 2,000 foreign ISIS militants, the sources said that some people from Trump's national security team told them: yok There is no plan yet. The Turks will not assume responsibility for ISIS prisoners. They do not see ISIS as we do. "
"Trump does not believe the argument that ISIS will follow us home uncontrollably," said military sources, arguing that the developments that would follow after the operation would appear as 'ethnic cleansing', "a large number of people will die," he said.

Isidor's attack and DSG Rakka is about to leave for positions because of Turkey's offensive against Isidor of US military resources, "Strategically, we made all the warnings are coming true now," he said.

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