Trump targets Labor leader before UK elections


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US President Donald Trump targets the Labor Party leader in the UK before the general elections, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the far-right Nigel Farage will work together if they come together.

Trump was linked to the program that Farage, the far-right leader of the Brexit Party, presented on LBC Radio.

Trump noted that he had good relations with leaders, including Prime Minister Johnson, whom he described as a "great guy."I think he is the right person for the following term" said.

Trump advised Farage to work with Johnson, saying, "I know you'll come to a point where you can do something great. If you get together, it's unstoppable."

"Trump criticized the Labor leader(Labor Party leader Jeremy) Corbyn will be very bad for your country. It will take you to bad places, but your country has tremendous potential"

Corbyn: Trump intervenes in elections to elect his friend Boris

Corbyn on the statements of the US President, social media account, "Donald Trump tries to intervene in the UK elections for the election of his friend Boris Johnson".

Leading journalists in the country also viewed Trump's statements as an intervention in the election.

In the UK, the government asked for early elections after parliament failed to agree on the separation of the European Union (Brexit). With the support of the main opposition Labor Party, an early election decision was taken on 12 December.

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