Trump says 'new president of Russia' for Ukrainian leader Zelensky


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US President Donald Trump said "Russia's new President" for his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelenskiy.

Evaluating the breakdown of the telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky, Trump said the meeting was 'perfect' and that the dissidents wanted to make a scandal out of it.

Trump, "as you know the new President of Russia, a good person, said. There was nothing. There was nothing about the pressure on him," he said.

Journalist Daniel Dale's attention is reflected in the news on the White House website.

Earlier, the US media, Trump's phone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy in July, Biden's son has allegedly pressured Zelensky to investigate.

Upon this accusation, the White House published a summary of the meeting. According to the document, Trump had asked Zelenskiy, who was looking to celebrate his election victory, to initiate an investigation into the activities of his Democratic Party rival Joe Biden in the 2020 US presidential election, and to co-operate with Justice Minister William Barr.

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