Tragic crash in the tunnel, motorcyclist dies – Chronicle


Ambulance in action (Newpress)
Ambulance in action (Newpress)
Livorno, 10 October 2019 – A motorcyclist is dead inside the San Carlo gallery. A 69-year-old motorcyclist, a native of Novara, died as a result of a car accident that occurred today around 3.30 pm in the San Carlo tunnel in San Vincenzo (Livorno), on the southern carriageway of the Variante Aurelia between Livorno and Grosseto. The dynamics is still uncertain, but according to a very early reconstruction of the road the motorcyclist would have lost control of the vehicle, falling then on the asphalt, perhaps after a collision with a heavy vehicle. The ambulance doctor of 118 was left with only to note the death of the man. On the spot, for the reliefs, the traffic police of Venturina also intervened with the support of the carabinieri who proceeded to divert the traffic on the secondary road system, since on the stretch affected by the accident it was interrupted to allow for relief.

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