Tomorrow the torchlight procession for Giulia. And a bouquet of flowers


Meeting at 19.30 in the Politeama cinema square, then the mayor will lay a wreath on the orange bench, symbol of violence against women

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                <p>It was announced, <strong>the torchlight procession will take place on Saturday 19 October to commemorate the young wife and mother Giulia Lazzari, 23, killed, according to the accusations, by her husband</strong> Roberto Lo Coco, 28, with whom he lived in Via Chieppara. Strangled on Tuesday 8 October, it died out on Thursday 17, at the intensive care unit of the Rovigo hospital. The departure is scheduled for 7.30 pm from the square of the Politeama di Adria, with a passage also at 7.45 pm in Piazza Grotto, where the mayor Omar Barbierato will put a bouquet of flowers on the orange bench, symbol of violence against women.

The march will then continue to Piazza Garibaldi, where there will be a moment of reflection on this tragic story.

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