The United States sends tanks to protect Syrian oil from ISIL, Assad and Iran


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US officials intend to send troops and tanks to eastern Syria to protect oil fields from Islamic State militants.

Against the backdrop of US troops withdrawing from northern Syria, a number of military personnel, as well as about 30 Abrams tanks, are being moved to the east of the country after the White House approves it, Sputnik reports quoting Newsweek. Where one of the most profitable oil fields is located. At the same time, the source noted: The main task of US military personnel is to prevent the transfer of these resources under the control of not only the Islamic State but also the Syrian official government, which is headed by President Bashar al-Assad or Iran and its affiliated armed forces.

As one source in US President Donald Trump's administration told Newsweek, these areas are strategically important in containing ISIL's rebirth. The oilfields are currently controlled by US-backed fighters, the Syrian Democratic Forces, which are expected to secure the oilfields in the future.

In early October, Trump ordered US troops to leave northern Syria after Turkish military operations there began. About 150 international coalition troops, including Americans, have been reported to have fled Syria. Later, the US leader said he would like to leave several hundred US troops in eastern Syria.
It should be noted that we are talking about 200 US special forces, including those who are currently fighting ISIL.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the start of a military operation in Syria on the afternoon of October 9th. He called the operation "Springs of Peace."
Its aim is to fight the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK banned in Turkey as a terrorist party) and the Islamic State.

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