"The stadium? It must be our home. No attempt for Tonali in January" Su Mandzukic …


The Fiorentina Sporting Director, Daniele Prade, intervened as a guest during the TGR Tuscany broadcast on Rai Tre:

“In Florence I had found a similar situation in 2012 too, but Commisso brought closeness, passion, intensity. The impact was incredible. New stadium? I want to see Fiorentina playing in its stadium. The reality is that the property wants to do something, and this is demonstrated by the work on the new sports center, a place to stay together, an added value that will turn into points.

The team is doing well, some players have just returned but self-esteem grows by winning. Victory brings victory, yet the match in Brescia is very difficult, Balotelli, Tonali, Mr. Corini … They are a team with great technique. In January we will not try to take Tonali. We will have to make some exits, evaluate our squad … Why should Brescia sell Tonali? We know these situations. Mandzukic? We do not need these players (with reference to Ibrahimovic and De Rossi, of which Prade spoke at a press conference). Very strong, but we don't need them now. "

Toscana Aeroporti takes a stand: "Nobody uses the Fiorentina stadium against the new runway in a pretext"

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