The shirt of Italy victim of the politically correct


They do not start from nurseries, they start from the shirt: “Green symbolizes the great work we are doing with young people. We want to celebrate the renaissance of Italian football with a color that does not replace blue, but makes it even brighter ". Also sprach Gravina, president of the FIGC, who then adds, respectfully speaking (as Maigret's concierge said), further shrieks about the fight against racism, discrimination against xenophobia, all junk demagogy that fills the mouth but leaves no substance.

The truth being that the new national team shirt it is imposed by the multinational company Puma for ethical marketing reasons – because advertising has become ethical, it no longer limits itself to telling us "want, buy", it has evolved in a moralistic direction: if you don't use this product, which is good and fair , you are fascist, intolerant and kill the planet. It applies to Greta, for the first influencer passing and for the "new" shirt of the "new" Italy that, reflecting a typical national costume, it is not clear what the fuck it is: is it blue? No, is it green? Not even; it is as it seems, as befits, Montanelli remembered that there had never been a case in which Italy had concluded a war on the same side as it had begun it: it also applies to peaceful wars on grassy fields with a ball inside that rolls.

Practically the jersey is a battleship Potemkin, a paraculata that, of course, was conceived thinking of the exotic detachment, practically an incitement to enlist more athletes of color. Which were all like Pele, God forbid: the trouble is that at most they are like Balotelli. As always, when you run out of arguments, the straw tails rustle: the Renaissance is uncomfortable, except, as Prezzolini taught, "faith in man, that is Humanism, has rhetoric to reverse". Gravina, in effect, in reselling the jersey-colored sweater as a symbol of rebirth, very much recalls the faintness of a Poliziano; as for the chromatic density, perhaps those of Puma will have been inspired by Botticelli's softness.

And there is talk of a national team that comes from a thunderous one cycle of failures, not even qualified for the last world championship, in a serious talent crisis – because not only are the best brains, but also the feet to escape abroad: we, on the other hand, often import many boots, tapums. And they start from the envelope, "the intent will follow," they thought: all of them feel like Napoleon, it's a known rampant syndrome, unfortunately in freedom. But how will the fans support their national team? No blue strength, green force? Not even the green-blue force is pathetic, embarrassing force of the bottles, it ends up that we need to ask for light at the Boldrini: strength players of the world and of the earth without distinction of gender and provenance in the name of a color that is all colors because diversity is enrichment and barbarous sovereignty. Only that we need an apnea worthy of Majorca, not to mention that if one makes goals, now that you've finished the chromatic correct briefing those others have already had time to equalize.

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