The oldest in the world … Archaeological unveiling of the UAE back to the Stone Age "video and pictures"


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The world's oldest pearl has been found at the archaeological site of Marwah Island off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

According to WAM, the pearl dates back to the Neolithic period (5800-5600 BC).

Mohammed Khalifa Al Mubarak, head of Abu Dhabi's Department of Culture and Tourism, said the discovery is evidence of the existence of the pearl and oyster profession in the UAE for nearly 8,000 years.

“The historic and invaluable Pearl of Abu Dhabi will be on display for the first time in public at the next exhibition organized by the Louvre Abu Dhabi,” Mubarak said.

"The Pearl of Abu Dhabi is a stunning discovery, a testament to the ancient tradition of our maritime activities, and the discovery of the world's oldest pearl in Abu Dhabi reveals that much of our modern economic and cultural history has deep roots stretching back to prehistoric dawn."

The latest excavations on Marwah Island revealed the oldest known human settlement in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi some 8,000 years ago.

The Marwah site was first discovered in 1992 during an archaeological survey of the island, made up of remnants of the collapse of numerous rock structures of Neolithic houses.

Other discoveries included a ceramic jar and stone arrowheads, one of the oldest in the UAE.

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