The lawyer becomes "on demand" Here's how it works and what to do


THE'lawyer now it is on demand. The novelty comes from the Anglo-Saxon world. It is a tool that brings together customer demand "just in time" with that of the offer that offers quick solutions for legal assistance. The term that photographs this new professional scheme is the "secondment", or a request for "loaned" personnel within a company. The most requested figures in this panorama are above all the lawyers who work in the field of banking and finance. Following are the lawyers dealing with mergers or acquisitions. In a survey some time ago inhousecommunity for Mag are clear the data of this professional phenomenon that is increasingly taking full effect in the legal landscape. Several lawyers with the "degree" of "associates", at least 70 percent of the second, leave the studio and then work for the company for which they were consultants. but from the United States comes a novelty that can really change the landscape of the relationship between companies and law firms.

What changes in legal assistance

Amazon for some time it has launched a platform that in fact allows the customer that sells the product on the e-commerce portal to provide assistance to protect the brand and the product. A service that is offered to those companies that intend to have greater protection especially in markets where they do not yet have experience in "selling", or when entering a new market. Assistance for the moment on the Amazon portal it is possible to choose a law firm (made in the USA) to protect the intellectual property. A service to protect brands, brands and patents for companies. As told to Amazon Italia, "the project born in the US simply responds to a demand from companies that often enter the market looking for protection". There are about 12 thousand Italian companies that have used Amazon's ways to sell their products in 2018 with a turnover of 350 million euros. And this service potentially is also addressed to them: "Many small and medium-sized Italian companies often face the market and, having no contact with the legal system in the countries where they are going to export, they ask for assistance on the spot from legal experts who know for example the American market. On the US portal for the moment there are 11 law firms of which three are in Italian ", explain Amazon.

Feedback and advice

The requests, taking a look at the portal, so far are about a hundred. This is about 100 consultations that this new channel has taken over. "Amazon puts the client in contact with the law firm, nothing more. It is an intermediary that offers an additional service to the customer after selecting a series of law firms that register at the portal by filling in a form indicating their references". The average cost for a business consulting at this time on the portal of Amazon Ip Accelerator is between 500 and 1800 dollars. However, this system could expand on the web on other fronts in the future. "This is an opportunity for law firms that quickly and by filling out an online form can offer their professionalism to customers through the platform", they always let Amazon Italia know. Certainly the experiment in USA marks a point in the panorama of legal professions that will have to keep pace with the digitization of their clients' lives.

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