The Kremlin explains how the Russian-Turkish agreement on Syria benefits Europe


The agreement reached between Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan on northern Syria should better secure the Syrian-Turkish border, containing the flow of refugees who could have subsequently moved to Europe, said the Kremlin.

The Russian-Turkish agreement on the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from the northern border area of ​​Syria is in the interests of European countries, the Kremlin said on Thursday (October 24th) through its spokesman.

"This also meets the interests of the Europeans because the border is protected from terrorist infiltration, Turkey's security is ensured and we do not allow the flow of refugees who could have subsequently traveled to Europe. In fact, Europe could and should be quite satisfied with it, "Peskov said.

Asked whether a country had been able to make its initiatives prevail over those of others in the Russian-Turkish memorandum, the spokesman insisted that it was the result of joint efforts, because only a decision acceptable to all is admissible in this situation.
"This should satisfy the Kurds, above all, the Syrians, because the Syrian border guards are deploying at the border, say that this is a new step to reaffirm the sovereignty of the Syrian state," he said. . He added that Russia and Turkey have stated in the memorandum that "the maintenance of the territorial integrity of Syria" was their main objective.

Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed a memorandum on 22 October in Sochi that plans to deploy Russian military police and Syrian border guards in northern Syria.

Beginning October 29, Russians and Turks will begin patrolling a 10-kilometer-deep strip of Syrian territory.

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