The ideal time to lose was identified


In their research, Scottish researchers determined the length of time it was desirable for the parties to press each other's hands.

In a new study, Dr Emisea Nagy of Dundee University in Scotland examined the impact of the type of handshake on the formation of social relationships, saying long and more than 3-second handshakes on business-to-business relationships. This can have a negative impact and cause anxiety for both parties.

Graduate students at Dundee University's Faculty of Social Sciences interviewed 36 participants to discuss their work and career prospects. These participants were then referred to a second researcher who, in the first encounter and at the time of introduction, either shook hands (less than 3 seconds) or shook hands (longer than three seconds) or did not shake hands. The new research also found that shaking hands in a time interval of less than 3 seconds would create respect and strengthen relationships.

Dr. Nagy added: "You might think that a long handshake would create a sense of intimacy and intimacy between the parties, while having a negative impact." Politicians, in particular, are interested in long-lost hands who, in addition to being a symbol of intimacy and intimacy, want more to show their authority, but our research suggests that it may be significant in the eyes of reporters and their cameras. It has a negative impact on the quality of their working and personal relationships and can have a negative impact on millions of people.

Donald Trump is one of the politicians who has shown that he has been interested in extolling the other side for a long time when this particular kind of shaking hands with heads of state such as France, Japan and Canada has long been the subject of media coverage around the world.

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