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New developments in the US sanction decision and the flow of news linked to the operation of the Peace Spring markets began to calm today. The dollar / TL, which remained stable at 5.92 levels throughout the night, fell back to 5.90 with the opening of the markets.

Monday evening with US sanctions Turkey's statements have lived quite an eventful day in the market yesterday. The dollar / TL exchange rate, which started at 5.86 levels with a depreciation of around 1 percent, climbed back to 5.90 at noon. Rising up to 5.92 dollars / day yesterday / TL, this morning with the opening of the market is valued below 5.90 pounds.

As of 10:25, the dollar is sold at 5.8970 pounds and the euro is sold at 6.5330 pounds; At the same minutes, the British Pound is changing hands from 7,5345 pounds.

At the close of yesterday, the selling price of the dollar was 5.8950 pounds, and the selling price of the euro was 6.4850 pounds.

Market experts point out that if the exchange rate remains around 5.90, upward fluctuations will continue, while resistance levels of 6.00 -6.08 are expected to be the resistance points at 5.93, the first resistance of 5.93 working in the last two days. It is emphasized that closures should be seen under 5.89 and 5.85 for the direction to turn down.


In the markets, US Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo will perform tomorrow's closely watched developments regarding the visit to Turkey.

On the other hand, the indictment prepared by federal prosecutors in the city of New York on the grounds of 6 different crimes including fraud and sanctions against Halkbank against Iran is another critical item on the agenda.

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