The conspiracy against Bolivar and the destruction of the Venezuelan nation


The recent message published by the OAS Secretary, Luis Almagro, demonstrates that the cultural war unleashed against Bolivar, one of the most important historical figures in Venezuela and Latin America, seems to be aimed at violating the close identity ties between the peoples of the South . 'Divide and you will reign' seems to be the watchword.

The campaign is not recent and is very well articulated. Through books and opinion articles, the matrix tries to turn the figure of Bolivar into a character that Venezuelans would have to be ashamed of rather than take pride in.

Venezuelan intellectual Luis Britto Garcia, who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature 2020, allows us to deepen this onslaught against a symbol of the struggle for South American independence, and to whom the BBC elected A few years ago as a millennium character.

– What do you think is this media campaign against the figure of Bolivar?

– The campaign against Bolivar began with his political career. Not only did the royalists denigrate him: factions called patriots conspired against him, carried out assassination attempts, he was constantly slandered in the Republican media and thus laid the foundations of a school of anti-Bolivarian history that still endures.
Until the news of the death of the liberator was spread in Venezuela with the false addition that he had perished from a humiliating disease. Bolivar's execration campaign became something worse: a false cult of his figure to legitimize
everything he fought. Currently his enemies no longer resort to subterfuges: they openly abominate the father of the country and the country itself, and now. They have lost the shame they never had.

– Thierry Meyssan said In an interview that the US was not so interested in oil as to end the Venezuelan nation state. What do you think of this statement? Do you think that attacking Bolivar points in this direction?

Venezuelan oil interests Americans very much. If not, they would not have stolen our Citgo refineries established in that country. But they are also interested in ending the nation state. The famous military exercise of the Balboa Plan had planned the division of Venezuela in at least three countries. Bolivar was the great founder of our nation state; The campaign against them points against both. The disintegration of Venezuela appears in the plans of the empire and all its lackeys.

The psychological war against the country has been directed not only to attack the Bolivarian Revolution, but also to the symbols that make up the nation. Do you think that Venezuelan migration is a result of this process of devaluing the Venezuelan?

– We must distinguish between the real Venezuelan migration, which is fundamentally due to the difficult economic situation imposed by the blockade, and the imaginary migration, improbably exaggerated by the opposition and the media that want to create a scenario of supposed humanitarian crisis that legitimizes a foreign military intervention. The real migration from Venezuela when much reaches one and a half million people in a country with thirty million inhabitants. The enemy media fantasizes figures of three million and up to four million. Pasqualina Curcio has proven his falsehood using the CIA Facebook page, which contains data on the countries where this exercises espionage. There is no significant income of people in any of the neighboring countries or near Venezuela. The empire itself, which threatens to invade us to solve the supposed humanitarian crisis, does not record the figures on which the media and the opposition fantasized.
– When from the right you try to talk about Venezuela or Venezuelans, you appeal to identify the country with trademarks of national or transnational companies. They will compare the memory with the programs and contents transmitted by the media. What makes up the Venezuelan nation? What is the Venezuelan? Does it existand a national identity?

—The right, as the owner of more than 90% of the country's media, tries to impose on the Venezuelans the ideas, the way of life, the values ​​and the consumption styles of the Americans so that they identify with their exploiters . The Venezuelan nation is a community of values, culture and way of being of our compatriots. On that subject I have written just one book, The true Venezuelan: national identity map.
My exhibition exceeds half a thousand pages, but we can summarize some concepts: they identify the Venezuelan values ​​of egalitarianism, solidarity, appreciation for culture, loyalty to the family, openness to the new, empathy, industriousness, mental health, plus an increased cultural heritage for millennia. Some sectors argue that national identity does not exist because in such a way the nation is denied, and in denying the nation the raison d'etre of the nation is rejected
Venezuelan state

– The multidimensional war against the country has made the phenomena that upset the social body, bachaquerismo, contraband, speculation arise. The attack on solidarity and hope seems to be its main objective. What should the Venezuelan government do to protect the cultural identity, the spirit of the nation? Is it an exclusive aspect of the Ministry of Culture or should the response be broader?

– The Venezuelan State must promote, support and disseminate the national culture. To those who scandalize this proposal, it must be remembered that in all countries and at all times political power has always assumed a function of promotion and protection of the country's culture. Without that support, none of the great creative movements of history would have occurred, such as the Athenian Golden Age, the religious art of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, the Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Constructivism, Mexican muralism, for Just mention some.

– You have written many books and articles where you put the accent in the Cultural or symbolic war. What would be your recommendations to the Ministry of Culture and, in general, to the Venezuelan State, to fight against this kind of aggression imposed on Venezuela?

– Support for Venezuelan cultural expressions and especially those that express the values ​​of Venezuelan. Support for editions, recordings, movies, performing arts, plastic works, musical forms and in general creative activities that manifest our way of being. Greater emphasis on enduring works, which translate into tangible products, such as books, recordings, movies, and less emphasis on events that dissipate without leaving anything behind them. Accurate and timely information about the national reality, to prevent speculation from proliferating Alarmist and unfounded.

– The national government created an Institute several years ago for Decolonization. What do you think should be the most urgent problems to address and the lines of research and action of said institute?

– Well, a group of people created a decolonization institute called Republic of Venezuela two centuries ago, and with it started the process of broader and more important independence that had been seen in the world, as it ended up encompassing a hemisphere. The primary obligation of Latin Americans and Caribbean people is to study and understand each other, to know what we are capable of and what our limitations are. I have repeatedly pointed out that Americans have About four hundred Latin American institutes and more than two thousand tanks of thought –think tanks— dedicated to scrutinize us, while in Our America I believe that institutions worthy of the name do not reach a dozen. I have written a History of the Culture of Venezuela which is already around 2,000 pages, without support or to buy a sheet of paper. I have delivered several film scripts about our recent history, which sleep in a drawer of the producers. My books, winners of international awards, have been sleeping in national drawers for more than a decade. Institutions work or not, creators should do it. I think we all have a task in the independence of our countries, which is to assume an active performance in solving our problems with our own methods and based on our interests and those of humanity in general. That task exceeds the sphere of action of any institute, and we must accomplish it with him, without him or against him.


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