The advice of Pistocchi to Boban and Maldini unleashes Milan fans


Criticized players, the now ex coach who leaves no regrets, executives in the crosshairs, property under indictment: chaos at home Milan it is general and does not spare anyone. The mood of the fans is very low and Pioli's announcement threw more fuel on the fire as the former Inter and Bologna coach received no sympathy.

THE REBELLION – The Rossoneri fans since yesterday and even more so today are unleashed in challenging the choice of Giampaolo's replacement, after having dreamed of strong names like Allegri or Spalletti, but there is not only Pioli to be challenged at this time.

THE FLOP – It is clear to everyone that the work of Boban and Maldini in the new role of executives is tarnishing their career of legends. Maurizio Pistocchi thinks so too, that he goes down hard on twitter.

THE TWEET – The Mediaset journalist writes on social media: "After the indecent sequence of negative results, having dismissed the coach chosen in the summer, and chosen as coach for Milan Stefano Pioli, in Boban and Maldini, rejected by the popular uprising of PioliOut, only the resignation remains. For the sake of them and their history ”.

THE CHOICE – Pistocchi adds: "If I had been a Milan manager I would not have exonerated Giampaolo, and I would have resigned. Second, if I had to choose a coach for AC Milan, I'd take it Ballardini before anyone else. They should resign because they first chose Giampaolo and then they didn't defend him, and because they made the most important choices wrong. And because in companies, if things go wrong, the Managing Directors skip ”.

REACTIONS – There are hundreds of supporters' reactions: "All away. PioliOut expresses the feeling of sporting disgust towards this management and property. Pioli has nothing to do "or even:" The resignation is the minimum, the owners can also sell us to the first one that passes or make us fail tomorrow, this management of the club is an endless agony ", or:" Serious error the exemption of Giampaolo, Pioli will then win the first three games as usual, and in the end 12simo will arrive "

REPLACEMENT – It hurts the Rossoneri fans to speak ill of two idols like Boban and Maldini: "The fish always stinks from the head. It is sad that this time there are two of them half of whom I would NEVER talk badly but they should leave "or even:" In Italy the resignation is advised not to be given (giulio andreotti) "and again:" Both spoke of an ambitious property, it would be nice to be told what their concept of ambitions is ”.

WHO PAYS – The web, however, is divided: "Football teams are anomalous companies, they ALWAYS pay the coach ONLY. Even if those who go on the pitch are often the real responsible "and also:" Why ever? Giampaolo was a choice that made sense. But during the 7 league games he seems to have had too many problems which failed to resolve. From training, interpreters, motivations (the team did not run and did not press), to the psychological aspect ".

CONTINUITY – Not everyone wants the resignation of managers: "It takes managerial as well as corporate continuity, other than banning Maldini and Boban. So you always come back. Coaches are by nature more expendable than managers and it is normal that this is the case in football. He is wrong, but it is important to acknowledge it and correct it! "Or even:" I would give a little time! Milan is embarrassing for 6/7 years! It's not just their fault "and finally:" Oh no, now they're there and they put everything they can to get us out of the trap !! For the good of Milan and then also for their history ".

SPORTEVAI | 09-10-2019 10:08

The advice of Pistocchi to Boban and Maldini unleashes Milan fans Source: Getty Images

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