Teresa sought the support of parliamentarians for the election


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The former British prime minister called on parliamentarians to back the deal with the European Union.

Former British Prime Minister Theresa May has called on MPs to support a referendum agreement with the European Union presented by Boris Johnson, the current cabinet minister, according to Sputnik.

"If you want to respect the will of the people and implement the choice, if you want to keep people's trust and if you want to move the country forward, then you have to support today's agreement," the former British prime minister said.

May also urged those colleagues who are still hoping for a new referendum. "I would like to say to some delegates who are thinking of the second referendum: You cannot hold a referendum because some disagree with the first result," he said.

On Saturday, the British Parliament will vote to determine the fate of the country for years to come. If the deal is approved by parliament, it will leave the EU by agreement on October 31; if not, the chances of leaving the EU without a deal will increase.

Much of the new deal is the Theresa May agreement with the European Union a year ago, but the Boris Johnson government's focus was on changing part of that agreement known as the Northern Ireland Protocol, a part of which aims to keep the border between Northern and Southern Ireland open by deleting it. Customs inspections were needed. Under the new agreement, all of these commitments are limited to Northern Ireland, and the rest of the UK can have different standards than the EU.

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