Take off from the water and fly amid the flames



The B-200 was presented for the first time at Le Bourget 2019.

The appearance of this Russian plane was a surprise show. Another surprise came when the general manager of the factory that produced the aircraft revealed the intention to supply the United States with B-200s.

Yuri Grudinin, general manager of the aircraft factory named after the Russian aircraft engineer "Periyev", located in the city of Taganrog, told reporters that the agreement provides for the start of the supply of aircraft after 15 months of obtaining cash advances.

Last year, the Beriev plant and Sepline Global Air Services signed an agreement to supply 10 B-200CS amphibious aircraft to the United States. The surprise is the supply of Russian aircraft to the United States despite the US trade embargo on Russia.

The B-200CS is the world's largest fire extinguisher and can take 12 tonnes of water, while the largest similar foreign aircraft can take 6 tonnes of water.

The B-200 can take off from the ground and from the water. In addition to facing fires, the aircraft can search for and rescue the affected, and transport passengers and goods.

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