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The main course: to re-launch the second phase of the government, after the final yes to the cutting of the Parliamentarians. Delicious opportunity to start thinking about the future electoral law. An exploration destined to be deepened. Then there was the dessert: the Pd-M5S alliance on a regional scale. How to replicate it without creating internal upheavals. And so after Umbria, it was decided that it will be Calabria's turn. Monday evening Luigi Di Maio is Nicola Zingaretti they met at a restaurant in the center of Rome for dinner.

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Cutting of parliamentarians, the unknown referendum hanging on the new electoral law

This is the second time that the grillini and democrat leaders have been talking in front of a laid table. The first was last August 23 at the home of the then undersecretary, and now Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora. The other night, thanks to the warm climate of the Roman october, everything slipped without trauma or embarrassment. On the other hand, as told by their respective headquarters, "Luigi and Nicola now act as allies: they can hear and write to each other every day".
It goes without saying that there were two stone guests of the dinner: the premier Giuseppe Conte and, above all, Matteo Renzi. Precisely for this reason Di Maio and Zingaretti have laid the foundations for an agreement on the next reforms, without neglecting the maneuver, given the strong tensions. During the tête-à-tête both agreed on one point: "We must coordinate communication". On the other hand, the Foreign Minister has already lived with Matteo Salvini: the run-up to the title produces political crises.

On the table, between one course and another, various arguments remained suspended: from the Copasir to the challenge in Umbria ("The game is more open than ever") with the encore of the scheme destined to recur in Calabria, while it is complicated the alliance in Emilia Romagna. Conversing on phase two, the discussion has fallen on the electoral law that is to come.
The theme of the new voting mechanism is extremely delicate and sensitive, given that on this depends the survival of at least two majority forces: Leu and Italy alive by Renzi, lined up for the proportional. But strong agreement in Umbria, according to authoritative sources, Pd and 5Stelle are exploring the possibility of tacking on a double-shift system on a national basis. Not of college. Before embracing this system, Di Maio and Zingaretti want to understand if the voters of the two parties can cohabit and add up. If the Umbrian elections say yes and the government of Giuseppe Conte will grow in solidity and popularity, the two parties could focus on a structured alliance (launched last month by Dario Franceschini) between center-left and 5-Star. "So Salvini would be relegated sine die to the opposition and Renzi made marginal, if not even crushed", he rubs his hands a source of rank of the PD that follows the dossier.
How the negotiations on the electoral law will end will also depend on the fate of the referendum confirming the cut of the ladies. The Constitution gives three months of time – and in these three months you cannot go to elections – to 5 regional councils, 1/5 of parliamentarians and 500,000 voters to promote consultation. Therefore, at the beginning of January we will know whether the referendum will be held or not. But at the moment, given the 553 yes received yesterday from the reform, nobody (apart from Giachetti) appears intent on promoting it. Especially since riding the no is decidedly unpopular. "Everything will depend, however, on how the agreement on the electoral law comes to an end", says the leader of Leu, Federico Fornaro and Enrico Costa and Matteo Orfini agree, "if someone does not like the agreement, nothing will prevent them from jumping into the referendum".

Three months of electoral stoppage and you're not, as would happen if the consultation took place, make Conte breathe a sigh of relief. Especially since Renzi, in full session of the budget and with such tight margins of time, could hardly try the chance of dropping Conte (his rival in the struggle for the conquest of the moderate electorate) to try to replace him with another premier. The fact remains that the tension remains high. Feel a member very close to Renzi: «Why should we do the dirty work? Di Maio will take care of sending Conte home … ». And listen to what filters from Palazzo Chigi: "Franceschini also fears Renzi, not by chance he had proposed to postpone the cut of parliamentarians to postpone the white quarter or semester for a few months. But now Renzi says it could be Di Maio … How bad this policy is! " The dems, however, throw water on the fire. Here is Andrea Orlando: «Renzi will always pull the rope, but he won't break it. If he dropped Conte he would pay a very high price. " And then Graziano Delrio: "Don't worry, you don't go to vote". Also because in 2022 there is to elect the new head of state and both the Democratic Party and the 5 Stars, as well as Renzi himself, want to choose it with this Parliament where they have the majority. In the future, who knows.

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