Syrian Constitutional Committee held its first meeting: 'A historic moment'


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The first meeting of the Syrian Constitutional Committee was held in Geneva, Switzerland. Co-presidents stressed that they are determined to find solutions to the crisis that has been going on for more than 8 years. Mogherini said that they expect serious consultations to begin and results.

The first Syrian Constitutional Committee meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, started with the opening speech of UN Special Representative for Syria Geir O. Pedersen.

"The government and opposition members are sitting here face to face. This is a historic moment," said Pedersen, 50 civil society members are present in the hall between the two delegations, said that these people come from different religions, regions and experiences will contribute greatly to the process.

"The Committee convenes on the basis of some principles. The UN Charter, the decisions of the Security Council, the unity of Syria, territorial integrity, independence, sovereignty and constitution making are the principles that Syrians lead and own," he said.

Kuzbari: We will meet the expectations of our people

Ahmed Kuzbari, co-chair of the Constitutional Committee from the government wing, said they were here to do their best.

Kuzbari, stating that there are 4 basic principles, "They are the country's independence, unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty. We will meet the expectations of our people by remaining faithful to every drop of blood. We are ready to revise the existing one to write a new constitution," he said.

Kuzbari expressed his gratitude to the architects of the Astana process and the Sochi National Dialogue Congress, which allowed today's meeting, pointing out that they would not accept external intervention and prerequisites in any way whatsoever.

Bahra: We came here with determination to focus on similarities

Hadi al Bahra, co-chair of the opposition committee from the opposition side, said, "Today, we are here because we hope to achieve what we have not achieved in the past. 150 people have differences in many respects. Some of them are simple issues, some are important. After 8 painful years, not to focus on differences but similarities We came here in determination, "he said.

Bahra, underlined that they opened a new page "All Syrian parties in the hands of the release of prisoners, the disappeared and forced to lose the fate of those who are exposed to the investigation and the right to know the fate of their families should be respected," he said.

Recalling that they are obliged to write the constitution in 6 months and to organize fair and free elections in the following 18 months, within the framework of UN Security Council Resolution 2254, Bahra said: attracting millions of Syrians must also have a compass, "he said.

Mogherini: We hope serious consultations will begin

Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union (EU) Foreign Relations and Security Policies, said that thanks to the new process started today, they hope that serious consultations will begin and results that serve the interests of the whole country will be achieved.

"This is an important and long-awaited moment. It is very important that the committee begin serious consultations in good faith and that the results serve the interests of the whole country and the people," Mogherini said.

The meetings of the Constitutional Committee are expected to continue for two days with the participation of 150 representatives, with sessions led by Pedersen, followed by a 45-member editorial board in Geneva for at least a week.

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