Syrian Army prepares to deploy in Al-Malikiyah, Rumailan fields and Al-Yarbiyah border crossing with Iraq


A military source in the city of Qamishli (northeastern Syria) has received the 154 units of special forces in the Syrian army to raise the readiness and ready to go towards the oil fields Rumilan and the city of Malikiyah in the northeastern areas of the province of Hasaka near the Syrian-Iraqi-Turkish border in the coming hours.

The source said in a statement to the agency "Sputnik": After the completion of the preparations and raise the readiness of the Syrian Arab army deployed in the "Tartab" in the countryside of the city of Qamishli, they are fully ready to move towards the city of "Malikiyah" Between the Syrian-Turkish border on one side and the Syrian-Iraqi border on the other.

The correspondent of "Sputnik" in the province of al-Hasakah that the orientation to the northern and northeastern areas of the province of al-Hasakah comes within the second phase of the implementation of the agreement and military understanding between the leadership of the Syrian Arab Army by the "Kurdish units", which is the backbone of "SDF" Another party, which requires the deployment of the Syrian Arab army on the border with Turkey, starting from Malikiyah east to Ras al-Ain in the west, days after the completion of the first phase, which includes the deployment of the army in the city of Tal Tamr (40 km west of Hasaka) in order to stop the Turkish expansion.

The city of Al-Malikiyah is located in the far north-east of Syria, 190 km from the city of al-Hasakah, 90 km from al-Qamishli, and about 900 km from the capital, Damascus, and enjoys an important strategic location in the border triangle between Syria, Iraq and Turkey, bordered by Turkey from the north and east The Iraqi borders are from the south and south-east, and Jawadiyah and Al-Yarubiyah areas, which include the second border gate with Iraq after the border crossing in Albukamal in Deir ez-Zor countryside, are also located in Al-Malikiyah area. twirl Because), there is also known as the Tunisian crossing (Saemalka) river, which is illegal crossing with Iraq's Kurdistan region, which used the "international coalition" led by the US occupation forces and the organization of "intentionally" army of the transfer of military equipment and weapons for years forces.

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