Syria regains a mosaic from the museum "Montreal" Canadian


the world.

A ceremony was held at the Damascus Museum on Monday in honor of the return of historical mosaics dating back to the fifth century AD, which were smuggled to Canada illegally.

"The mosaic was smuggled out of Syria in the 1990s and exhibited at the Montreal Museum," said Mahmoud Hammoud, director of the Department of Cultural Heritage and Museums in Syria.

"The Canadian authorities initially agreed to return this mosaic, which was divided into two parts, which were supposed to be returned to Damascus in 2011, but under the pretext of the outbreak of hostilities, Canada stated that this was impossible. .

According to him, as a result, the mosaic was returned thanks to the "intervention" of the Syrian immigrant in Canada, Mohammed Ramli. Who couldn't attend the concert at the Damascus Museum.

In turn, the Syrian Deputy Minister of Culture, Tawfiq Imam, said that the mosaic was found in a monastery or temple in the provinces of Idlib or Hama of Syria.

In his speech, Hammoud declared a "disastrous situation" regarding illegal archaeological excavations in areas beyond the control of the Syrian authorities.

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