Switzerland adds seven Venezuelan officials to the sanctions list


GENEVA (Sputnik) – Switzerland joined the EU sanctions against Venezuela and added seven members of the security and intelligence forces of the Latin American country to the list of sanctioned people, according to the website of the Swiss Government.

The officials who are added to the list are: Néstor Blanco Hurtado, Rafael Ramón Blanco Marrero, Alexander Enrique Granko Arteaga and Hannover Esteban Guerrero Mijares, of the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM); Carlos Calderón and Rafael Antonio Franco Quintero, of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin); and Alexis Enrique Escalona Marrero, of the National Office Against Organized Crime and Terrorism Financing (Oncdoft).
The seven are accused of serious violations of human rights in Venezuela.
Restrictive measures include the travel ban and the immobilization of goods, nor are they allowed to deposit funds in Swiss banks.

With the sanctions imposed last September by the EU are already 25 the total number of sanctions for the community block.

Since November 2017, the European block keep an embargo on the supply to Venezuela of weapons and equipment destined for internal repression, in addition to the travel ban and the immobilization of assets in relation to the sanctioned persons.

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