Sudan is preparing for the first event of its kind since the end of the rule of Bashir


Sudan is preparing to host an event, the first of its kind since the end of the rule of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

Sudan is preparing to host a new edition of the Khartoum International Book Fair, the first since former President Omar Hassan al-Bashir stepped down in April.

The 15th edition of the exhibition will be held from 17 to 29 October with the participation of 200 publishing houses from inside and outside Sudan offering 200,000 book titles.

Participating countries include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, China and South Sudan.

"The current session represents a continuation of a long and valuable march with the message that Sudan is now laying the foundations of a modern democratic state and is in a state of real change embodied in the full openness of the programs accompanying the exhibition and the participation of attractive figures for the first time," Sudan's Minister of Culture and Information Faisal Mohamed Saleh was quoted as saying on Tuesday. Once".

He added, "We had two options, depending on the circumstances of the country, either to continue the exhibition or apologize, we chose the first option to confirm the stability of Sudan and that cultural life at the peak of its aggression."

He pointed to the lack of restrictions on political books in the exhibition and dealing with freedom of thought without abuse.

Professor of Political Science and Islamic Studies, Mudather Abdul Rahim Al-Tayeb, was chosen as the "Personality of the Course".

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