"Stop whining about alliance with Pd"


Grillo: Stop whining about alliance with Pd

Beppe Grillo jokes with the public of the Arena Flegrea a 'Italy 5 Stars' and asks "enough" with the whining on the alliance with the Democratic Party. "I don't want you to stay here and always say Pd, Pd … this time, fuck you," gaining the applause of the spectators.

"We have changed but you don't have to be depressed, depression is cosmic, we live in it, you're in it and you can't make yours. It's okay to be depressed, if you weren't, you'd be crazy. Look at Theseus' ship, he changed all the pieces over time: was it the right one or another ship? We are like Theseus' ship, we changed the pieces inside, but this is an extraordinary moment "said Grillo, who opened as a Joker on video his intervention from the stage.

Introduced to the actor Patrizio Rispo, the film began with the 5S guarantor from behind who, turning around, discovered his Joker-made face. "I do not come otherwise you ask me what plans I have – said Grillo in the video – but I have no plans, you have hundreds of them. Think about changing the climate while four and a half billion Asians are multiplying their consumption of coal, steel, raw materials, suv, railways and gas pipelines. You ride a bicycle, you have plans. I don't live on the plans, I live in this law of thermodynamics where everything is broken down and everything deteriorates and turns into other things. chaos". At the end of the video Grillo appeared on stage welcomed by the ovation of the spectators.

'' Everything changes, the world is changing, China is advancing, commerce is changing very fast and we are still here at 'honesty honesty'"said Grillo." Let's talk about stop the climate, and I, who have been involved in environmentalism all my life, tell you that it is difficult, almost no longer possible, "he added." While we talk about saving and using the bicycle, four billion Asians are tripling the GDP, pumping the GDP, services, they want our quality of life, and you can't say: in the name of pollution you can't do it. What is it? "

Finally, "if you do not share this idea of vote for sixteen year olds, there is a nice fuck for you "said Grillo, thus closing his speech." If the average age of Nobel prizes for chemistry or physics is 45 years – added Grillo – it means that they take the Nobel after 10 years of study and who have extraordinary ideas already from 18 and 20. We are the only country in which to vote in the Senate we must be 25 years old, half the world is under 24 and we to say that 16 years are stupid, then the parents vote ".

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