Statue of Bush Sr. Dog in honor of his loyalty


A US service dog training center to accompany US veterans has begun making a statue of the late US President George W. Bush's dog to be placed in a library of the 41st US president.

The American VetDogs Center commissioned the sculptor Susan Bahari to create a bronze statue of the dog Sully to be placed in the east wing of the Bush Library at the University of Texas A&M, according to the site "Military Times" American.

"The artwork will depict Sully sitting while holding a bridle in his mouth," said John Miller, who oversees the construction of the statue.

Sully, wearing the American Center jacket, will also display "The Great US Seal."

Dog "Sully" accompanied the former president in the last six months of his life before Bush's death last November at the age of 94 years.

After Bush's death, Sully, the dog of former US President George HW Bush, began service at Walter Reed Medical Center, where he helps disabled veterans as well as current military personnel.

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