Star author: All the people who played pots and pans to celebrate the 15th of July celebrated the Republic Day with enthusiasm


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Star author Ersoy Dede, July 15 coup attempt 'the government will collapse the pot pan and stealers' October 29 Republic Day celebrated with great enthusiasm claimed. Grandfather, "Ignorance is precisely such a thing," he said.

Star newspaper writer Ersoy DedeJuly '15 applause Republic Day In the relevant section of his article published with the title 'enthusiasm' he wrote:

"Yesterday was the Republic Day … That was the anniversary of the foundation of our Republic … And on July 15, the government will be destroyed all the pots and pans that celebrated with great enthusiasm the Republican festival" Ignorance is just such a thing " They didn't think they had the power … Or they have no idea about the Republic … Erdogan has blinded the hostility so much that they are ready to sacrifice the Republic for this good cause.

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