Stabbing in Manchester: for the police "it was terrorism"


    <h2>The suspected attacker was already arrested by the police, who used the taser to block it</h2>


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    <p>At least<strong> five people</strong> were injured for <strong>stabbing</strong> today, Friday 11 October, a <strong>Manchester </strong>in<strong> England</strong>. The episode occurred near a shopping center. On the incident, as well as the police, investigates the<strong>anti Terrorism</strong>.

According to reports from ‘Ansa’, the suspected aggressor he is a man of about 40, who has already been arrested by the police. The agents blocked the man using a taser electric discharge.

Several witnesses said they had witnessed scenes of fear, witnessed also by some videos, and a knife-held attack on people and customers apparently chosen at random.

The British police, according to reports by Ansa, have indicted the man arrested for terrorism.

In the area, which was cordoned off, several patrols and some ambulances intervened. The transit of the trams, according to the ‘BBC’, was stopped at the central Exchange Square.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 11-10-2019 17:07

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