South Sudan pays compensation to Russia for shooting down Mi-8 helicopter in 2012


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South Sudan has paid compensation to Nizhnevartovskaya for the Mi-8 AMT helicopter, which was shot down in December 2012, and paid compensation to relatives of Russian crew victims, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

Moscow-Sputnik. "For technical reasons, the payment of the agreed compensation amount was delayed for several years. However, at present, it can be said that this problem, which has long overshadowed the atmosphere of bilateral relations, has finally been settled, which, in turn, The partners in South Sudan talked about them during their contacts on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi on October 23-24, which was accepted by the Russian side.

The statement pointed out that "the solution of this issue has been made possible by the continued efforts of Russian diplomats, especially staff of the Russian Embassy in Kampala, who represent the interests of our country in the Republic of South Sudan."

A Mi-8 helicopter belonging to the Russian airline Nizhnevartovskia, operating under a contract with the United Nations, was shot down on 21 December 2012 while on a reconnaissance mission entrusted to it by the United Nations Mission in Jonglei State YOYO rebels.

South Sudan's army initially denied the helicopter was shot down, but later admitted the incident, saying it mistakenly thought it was a Sudanese plane to supply the rebels, and regretted the incident.

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