Shopkeeper refuses payment by credit card: what to do?


Pos: if the business owner refuses to pay by debit or credit card, can you report it? Here are the new measures from 2020.

How many times, in the past, you asked to pay by debit or credit card and the cashier looked at you wrong. As if to say: "For such a low amount, is Pos needed?" How to blame him when bank commissions were such as to erode the gain of the individual transaction. Today, however, things go differently: a series of legislative provisions, aimed at favoring electronic payments, have limited the expenses for those who use POS in favor of their customers.

To date, however, there have been no sanctions against the merchant who refuses ATMs and credit cards (perhaps with the usual excuse of "no line"). The 2020 budget law, on the other hand, finally introduces the long-awaited and solicited penalties in past years. Well, what to do if the retailer refuses to pay by credit card or debit card?

The maneuver is still in a draft, but its text is widely shared by the political forces and, at least on this front, it is legitimate to think that we are already in front of the definitive text, except for last minute modifications by the Chambers.

Among the novelties of the 2020 budget law, as mentioned, there is therefore the sanction for Pos. Or rather, it is a double sanction that will be imposed on merchants and merchants who will not be equipped with the terminal or will not accept e-money payments. Let's see what the fines are.

First of all, a fixed penalty of 30 EUR for every time the cashier refuses to pay by credit card or debit card. The pos must therefore be working and there can be no excuse.

In addition to this, a second fine of 4% of the transaction value is foreseen, for which payment in a traceable manner is denied.

But what does the customer have to do physically if? does the retailer refuse payment by credit card or debit card? He will have to report it. To this end, he must contact the Prefect indicating the place and time in which the settlement was denied. After that, the officers and judicial police officers will carry out investigations and checks.

The customer can also refuse to pay in cash, without prejudice to the duty to pay the fee at a later time (perhaps at the outcome of the withdrawal of the cash or by bank transfer to be carried out the next day), but without the burden of interest.

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