She collects an abandoned kitten who turns out to be a baby lynx – photo


While going to see a friend, an American woman gathered at the edge of the road a small feline thinking that it was about an abandoned kitten, even seeking to make it adopt via Facebook. It was only a few hours later that she realized that it was actually a baby lynx, says HuffPost.

A Tennessee resident who drove to a friend's house rescued a "kitten" who was on the side of the road on September 20 and thought she was abandoned. The young woman decided to collect it to give him food and drink in his garage, reports HuffPost.

Back home, she posted an ad on Facebook asking for adoption: "I just found this kitten on the side of the road. This is a purebred cat that needs a loving home. Is someone interested? "She wrote.

Two hours later, a neighbor came to her house to see this "kitten". It was at that moment that they noticed her true species. "Ok forget what I said about the adoption of the kitten found on the side of the road … It seems that I saved a lynx baby!", Finally rectified the American on the social network. She then decided to contact a wildlife rescue association to give them the little cat. According to experts, the lynx baby, baptized Arwen, is about 5 weeks old.

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