Shark attack victim calls to rethink our approach on sharks


An Australian who lost his right leg in a shark attack believes that sharks are not responsible in the majority of cases because they only show their natural behavior.

Attacked by a bull shark two years ago off the north coast of Queensland, Australia's Glenn Dickson sees things as a philosopher despite the fact that his right leg has been amputated because of the bites and he still has to coping with great physical and emotional pain, flashbacks and regular nightmares.

"I see myself diving and I feel caught. And then, I have the impression that I am a rag doll thrown in the washing machine, then I am released and I escape. But my brain shows up more, the harm begins, and I feel torn apart, then I wake up, "he tells a 60-minute reporter.

Despite all these problems, he has no grudge against the animal that bit him: "I had to overcome that without anger against an animal that did just what it did naturally."

"I think you have to see things realistically about what they are (sharks, ed). I always knew by jumping into the ocean that I was taking a risk. You never think it could happen to you and one day it happens. "

Marine biologist Ocean Ramsey, who is known for surprising shots with a large white shark 10 times larger than her, shares this point of view.

"I think we have a human problem, not a shark problem," she told the media.

According to her, sharks kill less than 10 people every year, which is not comparable to the number of deaths due to lightning or broken toasters.

For this reason, it welcomes the Queensland Government's decision to end its shark elimination program. On the other hand, she continues, the best way to reduce fatal cases would be to teach people how to avoid crossing the path of these animals.

"I think it would be wise to advise people on what to do to avoid harmful interactions rather than installing nets and surface longlines, which, from a behavioral point of view, attract sharks closer to the sea. shore, "concluded the biologist.

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