Saudi women soon in the ranks of the national army


After being allowed to drive, occupy positions in the security forces and travel without a guardian's consent, Saudi women can now enjoy another privilege that was strictly for men: s to engage in the army.

As part of a massive program of economic and social reforms, the Saudi Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday (October 9th) on its Twitter account that "qualified women can now apply for positions in the army."

"This is a new step towards emancipation," the Foreign Ministry wrote on the social network, noting that women will only be able to join the ranks of first-class and corporal soldiers, as well as sergeant and sergeant ranks. -chief.
Several reforms aimed at granting rights to women have been initiated in recent years, such as permission to drive or travel abroad without the prior consent of their "guardian" (father, husband, son or other male parent) .

In addition, Saudi Arabia had already authorized women last year to join posts in the security forces.

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