Sarri exalts from Turin: "The professor convinced everyone and decided on the next two sales"


The coach of Juventus, Maurizio Sarri, seems to have convinced everyone in Turin even though until a few weeks ago there was still skepticism around him.

Maurizio Sarri, as reported by the Turin newspaper, is convincing everyone to Juventus. The victory in the Italian derby against Inter, which followed the excellent performance in the Champions League against Bayer Leverkusen, put the exclamation point on a golden period for the Bianconeri. And, at the same time, the technician decided the future of Emre Can is Mario Mandzukic. It highlights it Tuttosport, so: "An hour and a half abundant in which the Professor Sarri has also canceled the doubtful residuals that may still have been lurking in the Bianconeri environment ".

"Doubts about Sarri – it is read – they were not so much in the management -, more and more convinced of the choice of the former Chelsea, as in the whole rose, where – useless to deny it – some thorn has popped up here and there. And who appoints, in this specific case, Emre Can and Mandzukic is not exactly distant from the true reality of the facts. The two footballers today more out of the Sarriano project (the Croatian for sure, the German a little less, even if the chimes of the market will soon resound) have become annoyed, but over time they have understood that triggering controversy does not would have led to nothing. The two are still destined to leave Juventus ".

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