Sanctions on Milad Tower Concert + Photos


The union of music and audiovisual producers has boycotted the concert, criticizing the rise in rental rates for the Milad Tower Convention Center.

In an open letter to the director of the Milad Tower Tehran, the Association of Music and Audio Producers announced a boycott of concerts at the Milad Tower convention center in an open letter. According to the letter, based on an increase made earlier this year, the rate of each chair at the conference center is far higher than that of its parlor halls, even with private halls with equipment, capacity and service quality higher than the Milad Tower conference center. It is in Tehran, and with the new order (rent increase again), this figure will have a significant gap with other Tehran venues. And such decisions, given the country's current economic conditions and rising prices, only increase the financial pressure on the household's cultural portfolio and lead to a decrease in the holding of cultural artistic programs, especially music concerts.

The CEO of Milad Tower also responded to the boycott of the concert, declaring support for a collection of classical and classical music not to be considered commercial music. Music has an undeniable stake in the culture of society, so it should be kept away from rent and trade and brokers. Music is a popular art and must be made available to the public. One of the goals of Milad Tower as a center of cultural and artistic diplomacy is to support the development of the culture and art of this frontier and in this regard we have been offering special discounts for authentic Iranian music. Also, if the makers of great concerts are willing to give a free concert to music lovers, we can, along with this valuable move, provide the venue for free.

Many users have also reacted to this, saying that in Iran these days, we are seeing an increase in everything, and this is happening regardless of the future of the children of this region. These users call music a soul food and find it necessary to hold free concerts in different cities and not only in the Milad Tower in Tehran.

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