Sabatini: "Sinisa is unique, he and I will return to challenge the world. The Bologna fans are wonderful, Orsolini has extraordinary shots"


Today the official Serie A TIM YouTube channel has released a brief interview with Walter Sabatini. The coordinator of the technical areas of Bologna and Montreal Impact spoke about Sinisa Mihajlovic's illness, his courage, the relationship he has with him and the thread that links the coach to his team, but not only. Here are all his statements, broken down by theme:

Mihajlovic: more unique than rare – «Sinisa fights the disease with the same strength with which it fights with and for its team. It is something unrepeatable, those who have come into contact with an illness like his perfectly know that you feel the urge to think about other things, yet he is doing it ».

All at attention – «The coach confronts himself daily with his staff, and puts them all really under stress. He is not serving something because he is not healthy, on the contrary, he immediately presents the account to his players and those who work with him. Everyone knows they can help Sinisa by adopting the right behaviors and achieving results, because he regenerates himself through the team's successes. The players have taken note of this and are behaving accordingly ».

Alone against the world – «However I fight my battles on the field, but with Sinisa by my side I would be even more dialectically arrogant towards the opponents who are supposed to be stronger. The coach has an incredible inner strength, so I am very confident that we will return to challenge the world, even if we will have to do it with more education and less arrogance ».

Riccardo "El Chino" Orsolini – "Orsolini has extraordinary blows, he has a race that others do not have and above all he has the fatal, deadly solution: when he sees the door, he pulls unbelievable bludgeon, to the Recoba".

Rossoblù emotions – «Those who work in this environment do it to make people happy. We do not produce material products, but something immaterial: a feeling, a state of mind. Speaking of emotions, we have wonderful fans here. We are certainly not first in the standings, yet our stadium fills up regularly every Sunday ».

Past Giallorossi – «Removing Totti and De Rossi from Rome is equivalent to removing the historic center from the city and leaving only the suburbs. Rome has changed a lot in a short time, but some players are still "my": Dzeko, Florenzi and Fazio, for example. During my career I have had the chance to keep up with so many players, and I recognize my luck in this ».

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