Russia's Ministry of Defense releases evidence of US oil smuggling in Syria – photos


The Russian Ministry of Defense has released satellite images on Saturday, which should show a continuation of illegal oil production by the US in Syria.

According to the Authority, the images provided by the Space Intelligence Service indicate that theunder the reliable protection of US troops"Obtained oil in Syria from them and was removed for processing from Syria. This happened both before and after the defeat of the terrorist militia "Islamic State" * in this region.

For example, in the photo of Daman oil refinery, located 42 kilometers east of the province of Deir ez-Zor, there is an accumulation of motor vehicles.

"There were 90 vehicles, including 23 tankers," it says in the commentary to the photo, which was taken on 23 August 2019.

On 8 September, according to the Ministry of Defense, 36 vehicles were registered near Deir ez-Zor province, including 32 tank trucks. In Hasaka province, 25 cars and 22 tankers were noticed on 5 September.

US whereabouts in Syria

On Friday, Pentagon leader Mark Esper confirmed that Washington would send troops to northeastern Syria to protect its oil fields from IS terrorists. This decision partially reverses the previous US decision of early October to withdraw its forces from the region.

The official representative of the Russian Defense Minister Igor Konashenkov condemned the US action in relation to the Syrian oil fields as "International state banditry",

* Terrorist organization, banned in Russia

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