Russian missile pushes America to agree to reduce the nuclear arsenal


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37 years ago a new era in the history of weapons began.

In 1982, Russia, then a Soviet republic, had an entirely new missile. This rocket came into being under the name "Topol" (this Russian word means poplar).

Deterrence weapon

The Topol, an intercontinental ballistic missile, has joined Russia's deterrent arsenal, whose mission is to remind anyone who might consider aggression that it would necessarily receive an overwhelming counter-attack.

For example, since the 1950s, the United States of America has been devising plans to destroy Russia's nuclear arsenal with a sudden, intense missile strike. For that to happen, Russia has distributed its nuclear weapons, which are called to respond to the aggression between submarines, bombers and railroad trains, in order to maintain the largest number of them in the event of an attack using nuclear weapons.

The "Topol" missile was a weapon that is impossible to catch and destroy, it is riding a car that does not stop moving from one place to another. Theoretically this car can be detected by satellite or spy plane, but it is impossible to predict where you will arrive as soon as possible.

Able to destroy a whole city

The 22-meter-long Topol is powered by solid, non-flammable fuel that does not leak anything harmful to the environment and can be stored while maintaining combat readiness for 20 years. His destructive head is capable of destroying the middle city.

The missile "Topol" from its container vertically, and reach his destroyed head to the top of the orbit around the earth after three minutes. The destructive head is pounced on a specific target of altitude. In order to bypass missile defense, Topol launches an abundance of false targets that raise a "whirlwind" on the missile's radar screen and disables interceptors with electronic jamming.

The rocket with the kitchen

Obviously, the Topol missile had an impact on the planners of the war against Russia. After the Topol missiles entered active duty, the United States agreed to negotiate with Russia (the Soviet Union) on nuclear disarmament, and then agreed to reduce the nuclear arsenal.

For Russia, it was necessary to solve problems caused by the presence of missiles "Topol", including the problem of providing the needs of missile operators, knowing that about one hundred people accompany each missile while on the move.

Vladimir Bukhashtab, deputy chief designer of the Topol rocket, said nine cars were needed to transport the missile's companions and their supplies, the daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta said. In order not to accompany this number of vehicles rocket launcher, which hinders the concealment of the missile, one car was found containing the generator and supplies and kitchen and rest areas. Each car is accompanied by a rocket and a launch pad.

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Strategic intercontinental missile systems "Topol-M"

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