Radwan Qasim: The creators and intellectuals are niche and keys to the gates of light in a time of darkness


Radwan Qasem was born in Khan Al Sheh refugee camp near Damascus from a Palestinian militant family who received several awards including:
 Prize for best national poem, poet Hassani award in praise, and Imam Khomeini award for Jerusalem, has many local and international participation in a festival on the road to Jerusalem, issued a poetry book entitled (Faa Ana) first edition Dar Kanaan Algeria and a second edition Dar Delmon New Damascus And a book entitled (Teach me the words of water) about the Syrian Ministry of Culture General Authority for the book.

The “rituals of places” (life in the capital, the sea, the mountain, or…) are among the factors of “geo-cultural” erosion, but they leave traces that only a critical, professional and open reader can see on (the geography of poetic text). Do you think that the text (modern Palestinian poetic) is contrary to other countries, both internally and externally in his verbal fabric, and his poetic images?

The environmental environment and the resulting cultural acquisition have always had a clear impact on the product of the writers. Many know the story of Ali ibn al-Jahm when he moved from the desert to Baghdad.

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Palestinian poet Radwan Qassem

However, the Palestinian writer has a different point of view, as he is distributed in several geographical regions outside his homeland and inside. The exile and refugee creator cannot be represented without his land. This is derived from heredity from his parents and grandparents, and he continues to be nostalgic for this land, which preserves its features, which is automatically reflected on his poetic text, for example. I can describe to you my village (Talhum) on the beach of Tiberias as accurate as if I live in it and in terms of the description that takes aesthetic dimension resulting from nostalgia I say:

Take me to fly a bird in her lake

If he accepted the water, the water would ignite

Modern Arab poetry, and Arab creators cracked their flesh, broke their contract, and broke their trustworthy loop because they are located in the middle of the rope knot that draws (politicians), and (employees) guards of cultural bureaus in their country. How do you look at the poet? When will the politician break the subordination of the cultural neck?

The text that is open to the public and the comprehensive text is always more capable of expression, free of party and factional affiliations and more accessible to the recipient and the deviation of the compass in the direction of the political and away from the most important issue makes the creator go in the direction of prejudice and conspiracy and defend the views and adopt an ideological approach that may differ from others It creates differences with other parties, thus losing some of the articles of the national project and its relationship with the masses that address it, the goal is clear and the word is like a shot, we must improve the correction. As for how the creator untie the knot of the political rope, it depends on the ability of the creator to find a clear path is not nebular or gray led by insight to reach his goal.

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The works of the Palestinian poet Radwan Qasem

Do not Palestine and the rest of the Arab countries under the weight of war need creators and intellectuals who bridge the gap between governments and opposition? Does the writer still have space in the middle? And where to step Radwan Qasim?

Yes, the creators and intellectuals are niches and keys to the gates of light in a time of darkness and the word was and is still the beginning. Therefore, the final word is said to be running parallel to the shot and the two straight lines can only meet in this matter in the one goal of a free homeland. What the creator possesses patriotism and loyalty can clearly and strongly refer to the unity of the country with his children and the pen Qandil light for the crossings and its role in leadership always better than always be free from personalization and subjectivity

In search of health and wellness home. Radwan Kassem tries to be his pen expressing the aspirations of the Palestinian masses and their pain and hopes walking on the path of the poem, which he considers a synonym for Venice, poet without homeland poet without poem.

What does the prose poem do for the poet and the reader? Is it lost the most wonderful features of the hair because of the difficulty of keeping it opposite the vertical poem or activation that is easy to save?

The dialectical text of the prose still exists, because there are no binding standards in the construction of prose text and binding controls, as in the case of the vertical poem that offended the prose as he was infected with communal disease. Each claimed to be scattered in many ways from the sea of ​​words to form a prose text controlled as he likes and do not think that prose text He can overtake the Khalil poem in both parts, so as to take root and for its long spread among generations, which have found a palatable taste of the soul, and teaches it the society with literature, ethics, wisdom and philosophy, as well as being one of the most important linguistic references and an example of the teacher, polite and educator.

Did Radwan Qasim's poem evolve from "Faa Ana" to "Teach Me the Words of Water"? And where does regeneration lie in your last poetic collection?

I was keen to choose the poems of each group that I issue to be of poetic purposes convergent in terms of thought and content so as to be very keen on the taste of the recipient and the unity of his feeling in the receipt, so came the Office of fulfillment I poetic purposes committed national starting from the title to the last poem in it and the words of water came to me With poems sentimental and emotional in life and self, love and regeneration was evident in the second court with deeper poetic images and symbolic semitransferring transparent and according to my opinion that for every poetic purpose of his tools, poems of the homeland often invade the feeling of the recipient immediately after hearing it does not need analysis and wondering is a direct message does not accept Tao But for the condition that the aesthetic expression interspersed. The (teach me the words of water) was more appropriate with modernity and development in the picture and depth in significance. In my opinion, the poet must outperform himself in every new publication in order not to repeat himself and become a consumer.

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The works of the Palestinian poet Radwan Qasem

Many try to print the creative text with the specifications of the (homeland), and the intellectual product dress Urdu (regional), how do you see your poetry poetry from a critical and descriptive perspective?

The homeland is not a commodity of poets and is not vulnerable in the market of words and is not a ladder for the advancement of the homeland is belonging and meditation in love and giving.Therefore, we go up home in our poems do not write to go up at the expense of the homeland and therefore many Palestinian writers and creators fell martyrs as a result of adopting this idea. I can not judge my poems as long as I am inside the mirror does not reflect only itself and the expert critic and impartial knowledge of the poetic experience is the mirror of the real poet

Your last message in this dialogue?

My message to my homeland Palestine is a very sorry apology that I have so far only the ink and nostalgia I offer to my country and the other to forget the exiles and refugees you vowed my pen until we return you inspired poem.

(Article reflects the author's opinion)

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