Qatar installs air conditioning in open air due to high temperatures: 'Increases temperatures further' warning


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Qatar air conditioning was established outdoors because of high temperatures learned. On the other hand, because of the fossil fuel used in air conditioners, it is stated that this application will cause higher temperatures.

Qatar rarely goes below 32 degrees at night, during the day it can be increased to 48 degrees outside the air conditioning was installed due to extreme temperatures learned.

According to the article in the Washington Post, Qatar in the open field against extreme heat stadiums, shopping centers and markets have been informed that air conditioning units.

Ous If you turn off the air conditioners, the temperature becomes unbearable and you cannot work effectively ", Yousef al-Horr, the founder of the Gulf Research and Development Organization, focused on sustainability, said in an article examining societies living under extreme temperatures.

On the other hand, the installation of outdoor air conditioning will be harmful to the climate in the long term is also stated.

The fossil fuel used for air conditioning leads to carbon emissions, leading to a global increase in temperatures.
Although the parties that have signed the Paris Agreement internationally agreed to work to prevent the global increase in temperature within the next 80 years, the danger of the situation in Qatar is high.

Kat Qatar is one of the fastest warming areas in the world, Berkeley said Zeke Hausfather, a Berkeley Earth employee who focused on the analysis of terrain temperature data for climate science.

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