Progress of the ratification process of T-MEC in Mexican delegation tour through the US


MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – A Mexican delegation headed by Vice Chancellor Jesus Seade held meetings with representatives of the US Congress and the White House in Washington to advance the ratification of the Treaty between Mexico, the US and Canada (T-MEC) by the Capitol, the chancery reported.

Seade held a meeting with Robert Lighthizer, business representative of US President Donald Trump, in which he "discussed the progress of the negotiation between representatives of the US government and Democratic (opposition) congressmen of the House of Representatives of that country "about the T-MEC, says an official report.
The new covenant that will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has been in force for 25 years, has already been ratified by the Mexican Senate, but the US Congress and the Canadian Parliament must approve it.

The second meeting was held with the president of the House and Representatives Committee of the House of Representatives, Richard Neal, to whom Seade delivered a letter from the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, "as a follow-up to the meeting they had in Mexico on October 8 ".

In this letter, the Mexican head of state "exposes the commitments and the results of the labor reform, and in which he urges Democratic representatives to ratify the T-MEC."

In the letter, Lopez Obrador promised to allocate more than 900 million dollars for the implementation of the labor reform with a view to seeking ratification of the Treaty.

"In case it is necessary to increase the resources for the implementation of the proposed changes (in labor matters), be certain that I will initiate the due process before the Congress of the Union to guarantee the required additional funds," says the letter spread by Neal in Washington.

The third meeting was at a technical level with the advisers of Democratic Senator Nancy Pelosi, president of the US House of Representatives.
With the leader of the Democratic Party, the Mexican delegation offered "details on the implementation, budget and timing of labor reform in Mexico," the main point of objection of the US opposition, which demands better wages and union democracy in the Latin American country.

The Mexican delegation was made up of senior officials of the federal portfolios of Labor, Social Welfare, Finance and Public Credit.

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