"Pope Francis told me not to conceive Christ as God" The National Primacy


Rome, October 9 – Eugenio Scalfari he has now become accustomed to the blunders, often so coarse as to make even the stainless readers of Republic used to take his editorials like gold at face value. But what was written yesterday by BarbapapĂ  of Italy's most radical chic daily newspaper reached the pinnacle of absurdity in a single glance: "Whoever had, as I have done several times, had the good fortune to meet him and talk to him with the maximum cultural confidence – Scalfari writes – he knows that Pope Francis conceives Christ as Jesus of Nazareth, man, not God incarnate. Once incarnated, Jesus ceases to be a God and becomes a man until his death ".

Clearly at this point there are two things: o Scalfari lies shamelessly or Bergoglio has confided to him seriously a thought that questions the very essence of Catholicism. However much Pope Francis may leave astonished in many of his outings and is not properly an Orthodox pontiff, it is still difficult to believe that he has uttered certain words seriously. Scalfari, however, seems particularly convinced and adds to the dose, citing a series of passages from the Gospel that he interprets in his own way (a way that would make the skin of any Christian crawl). And he explains that when he happened to discuss it, Pope Francis told him: "I am the proof that Jesus of Nazareth, once he became a man, though a man of exceptional virtues, was not at all a God."

The Vatican's denial

The Vatican, as expected, has categorically denied the statements that Scalfari put into Bergoglio's mouth, recalling that it is not even the first time that the editorialist of Republic launches into a very personal exegesis: "As already stated on other occasions, the words that Dr. Eugenio Scalfari attributes in quotation marks to the Holy Father during the talks with him – said the director of the Holy See press office, Matteo Bruni – they cannot be considered as a faithful account of what was actually said, but rather represent a personal and free interpretation of what he has heard, as appears completely evident from what is written today about the divinity of Jesus Christ ".

Eugenio Palazzini

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