Peru's prime minister says Vizcarra will not resign or ask for general elections


LIMA (Sputnik) – The Prime Minister of Peru, Vicente Zeballos, said that President Martín Vizcarra does not intend to resign from his position and call for general elections, as claimed by sectors of the opposition of Congress on October 1 after the vice president , Mercedes Aráoz, will present his resignation.

"That proposal (of general elections and the resignation of Vizcarra) is pre-empted by a letter posed by the vice president, Mercedes Aráoz, in which in her introduction she resigns from the vice-presidency, but that she registers that she should call for general elections ( …) The decision (of Vizcarra to continue in the presidency and call legislative elections) is taken and there is no going back, "Zeballos told the RPP multimedia.

Aráoz swore on Monday before Congress as interim president to replace Vizcarra, but after he had already dissolved the parliament.

President Vizcarra ordered on September 30 the closing of the Congress and the holding of parliamentary elections for January 26, considering that the legislative body rejected for the third time a "trust issue" requested by the Executive, in this case for the treatment of a bill that modified the process to elect the members of the Constitutional Court.

The opposition sectors, after the resignation of Aráoz, demanded that the head of state resign and call for general elections, an alternative that in the opinion of many jurists is impossible because for the resignation of a president a Congress is needed that accepts it.

At the moment, the Congress is dissolved for the Executive's consideration and only the Permanent Commission, a group of 27 congressmen with no capacity to legislate and whose task is to represent the parliament until the moment when new congressmen take office after the elections, remain in office convened for January 26.

On the other hand, the prime minister said that "from a legal perspective," Mercedes Aráoz remains the vice president, so her resignation has not been accepted by the head of state.

Zeballos also said Thursday the new cabinet of ministers would be sworn in.

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