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Tommaso Nannicini is keen to point out that his proposed pension reform called Quota 92 would free up sufficient resources even for early workers who have had discontinuous careers and face periods of difficulty. A the Senator of the Democratic Party explains "for women, my proposal provides a 'nursing pension' that recognizes a lowering of the contribution requirements for early retirement (41 years and 10 months) for each child or for assistance periods to dependent family members. In this way the care work of women would be recognized and would even go under the requirement of 41 years, in any case very difficult to reach for women in our labor market ". From his point of view it must be clear that "those who need to retire first must be able to do so at the expense of the state. Who does it for individual choice, despite having a stable and non-burdensome job, then he can do it but at his own expense, accepting a recalculation of the check ".


"We ask the Government that in the next Budget Law low pensions are set again, respecting the indications of the" European Social Charter ", which establishes the amount to be paid to 650 euros per month, to guarantee a dignified life for all Italian citizens". This is the proposal that Inac-Cia has placed on the agenda for the attention of the executive. As explains, there is an awareness among farmers that the social security system blocks generational turnover in the sector. Dino Scanavino, National President of Cia-Italian Farmers, pointed out that “to make our sector attractive for young people we also need to guarantee them a long-term perspective. Knowing that today who made the farmer lives, as an elder, in difficult conditions is a bad spot for the sector, highly disincentive for new entries ". It appears that for ten years in the sector the generational turnover is less than 10%.


On the subject of pension reform, the Government has opened up an increase in the revaluation of outstanding checks, on which Francesco Prudenzano points out that "it will concern only a few people who will have the privilege of seeing their monthly allowance increase by 50 cents. A shame!". The General Secretary of Confintesa recalls that "once again the middle class is penalized while we want to pass on as a gift the 6-euro increase for the year granted to those who have paid great contributions for 40 years of work". From his point of view "the Government believes that passing the maintenance of a right and an opportunity for workers as 100 and the alms of 50 cents, not even for all pensioners, as a conquest while this represents the umpteenth mockery against those who have paid social security contributions for decades and has acquired a right that must always be guaranteed ”. Hence, Prudenzano hopes that the Parliament "will be able to put social justice at the center of its activities also through a fair pension reform that sends the hateful Fornero law into the attic".


In addition to the pension reform with Quota 100, the Government with the Council of Ministers last night confirmed, as stated in the press release of Palazzo Chigi, “the economic subsidy that accompanies the retirement categories of workers to be protected (so-called APE Social) and the possibility for public and private workers to retire early also for 2020 ”. With a post on the Blog of the Stars, meanwhile, M5s expresses satisfaction with the maneuver launched. And in terms of pensions we read. "We had said in the past few days that the idea of ​​revising or even eliminating Quota 100 after only one year from its entry into force was insane and at government tables we have successfully reaffirmed our position. The 5 Star MoVement would never have voted a maneuver that goes against the citizens and removing Quota 100 would have been a disfigurement not only to tens of thousands of long-time workers who want to join it but also to young people who because of the Fornero Law found themselves forcibly unemployed in these years of crisis and austerity ".


While pensions reform is still being discussed, the senator of Brothers of Italy, Giovanbattista Fazzolari, presented a question to Luigi Di Maio on the failure to provide pensions to Italian citizens by the Venezuelan social security institution. "The 'bilateral convention on social security' between Italy and Venezuela, signed in 1988 and enforceable since 1991, states that cash benefits due from a Contracting State will be paid in full and without limitation to the holders residing in the territory of the other State contractor or in a third State. Unfortunately, from December 2015 the disbursements due to Italians residing in Venezuela by the Venezuelan provident institution have been interrupted ”, explains Fazzolari according to reports. "For this reason, Brothers of Italy asks the Minister Di Maio and the Government to adopt necessary measures here to restore legality and guarantee the enjoyment of their pension to hundreds of Italian-Venezuelan pensioners," adds the senator of Brothers of Italy.


There was a battle over the pension reform with Quota 100, a measure that was confirmed in the last CDM. Stefano Folli, on the pages of the Republic writes that "the recent quarrel arose from precise political reasons. They are messages sent by political buildings to public opinion, part of the eternal electoral campaign in which the country is immersed. Who defends Quota 100 – the left, the 5S; the father of the norm, Salvini, from the opposition – he props that vast world of pensioners and pensioners that represents a sure reserve of consent to be poured into the polls at the first opportunity. Those who would like to dismantle the rule – the Renzians, in fact – do not think of getting what they claim, but it is like opening the windows to shout: you see that we talk to the young, to the unprotected, to those who are willing to risk because they do not have nothing to lose? ". The opinionist is aware that it is difficult to say "what success these signals will have. But they have the effect of fixing positions: on the one hand the conservatives, those who protect the social protections and indeed reinforce them despite the economic cost; on the other the innovators, those who stand out by challenging, perhaps only in words, the status quo ”.


The Council of Ministers confirmed that the pension reform with Quota 100 remains unchanged. This does not seem to be welcomed by Christian Rocca, who on the pages of Linkiesta writes, about Quota 100, that "the principal supporter of the measure, Captain Salvini, fell, the logical thing would have been to cancel or remodulate a hundred share, instead of raising taxes or reducing public spending, but the Five stars stuck up because it was one of the points of their electoral program, even if nobody remembers it, while the Democratic Party turned away. Only the Renzians tried to blow up a hundred, deservedly, but they didn't succeed. The debt left by the adults on the shoulders of the young generations is enormous, as unbearable as that of pollution in the atmosphere. Greta, where are you? " Rocca also recalls that "the Fornero law is the first pension reform in recent years that has not been eliminated either by the successive center-left governments, nor by the national-populist governments that had so much bawled".


In an interview with RadioArticolo1, Roberto Ghiselli recalled the CGIL proposals on pension reform. In particular, he explained that he did not consider a woman's overall solution for Italian women to be Option. "We proposed to imagine a mechanism that would allow them, in the face of demonstrable situations of care work, to be able to anticipate their retirement immediately, waiting to set up a heavy work commission, overcoming the current stakes, so rigid that in three years only 22 thousand workers have been able to access these benefits, compared to a far wider audience, "said the Confederal Secretary of the CGIL according to what reported by the site of the Trade Union Review. "As far as the social bee is concerned, we asked for an extension, waiting, even here, to be able to modify some of the mechanisms of the instrument, making them more accessible and usable for workers," added Ghiselli.


The trade unionist also pointed out that "on our proposal for a guarantee pension for young people, the Government replied that it wanted to set up an additional social security fund at INPS. Solution that does not agree with us ". Furthermore, the executive was asked to "ensure that the savings accrued within the 100-quota system are reinvested and redistributed to re-evaluate retirement incomes, which, we recall, are the most taxed in Europe, in this very similar to compensation of employees ”. It is therefore necessary, for the CGIL, to widen the range of beneficiaries of the fourteenth and strengthen the indexation mechanism of pensions.


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