Pauluzzi: "Koulibaly told me about Ancelotti and Naples. Possible goodbye? In England there are …"


The journalist from L'Equipe told some background stories regarding Kalidou Koulibaly, defender of Napoli and the Senegalese national team.

Live to ‘Punto Nuovo Sport Show', Broadcast with Umberto Chiariello broadcast on Radio Punto Nuovo, intervened Vincent Pauluzzi, journalist from L'Equipe: "I met Koulibaly a long time ago, he was a good guy, maybe too much to be a footballer, and he's still a special guy. We talked recently in an interview, he told me he never had discrimination problems in Naples as he is success in other cities and stadiums in Italy. There are cities that are more tolerant and others less tolerant, but Kalidou is particularly fond of Naples. "

Then Pauluzzi added: "We also talked about his relationship with Ancelotti, and he told me that he is very fond of him. On a possible goodbye his will to stay or leave will prevail, there are English teams that can also offer him double what he makes now. We then talked about the episodes of racism that the victim saw the year, he told me that to leave Italy for this reason would be like giving it to the racists, he would like more African players to play in Serie A ".

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