Nicola Zingaretti, his allies Five stars want to discourage him. The background


More than allies, enemies at home. Versus Nicola Zingaretti the second no-confidence motion is ready. The center-right presented it: eight pages in which the governor of the Lazio Region is faced with its failures on health, waste, infrastructure, transport. A motion that however breaks the 5-star movement, as it reveals The weather in a backstage: in the pentastellata house, in fact, five councilors are against the Pd-Five Star agreement. These are Valentina Corrado, Gaia Pemarella, Silvia Blasi, Francesca De Vito and Davide Baillai. The relations between them and the group of Roberta Lombardi, Marco Cacciatore, Valerio Novelli, Loreto Marcelli and David Porrello are now at their lowest terms.

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The risk that the no-confidence motion will accelerate the pentastellata split (there is talk of some grillini exponents in constant dialogue with the Northern League and FdI) and bring the Lombardi group in the majority (and in addition) is a rather concrete eventuality. Meanwhile, Zingaretti continues to be convinced that the yellow-red alliance can continue and be strengthened. But is he really so sure that the grillini with which he governs at national level will not turn his back on him?

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