Newspaper: Sudden development in the position of Sudan on the war in Yemen … The Prime Minister comment


KHARTOUM (Reuters) – Sudan's foreign ministry has circulated a leaflet to all Sudanese embassies abroad about Sudan's stance on the Yemen war, sources said.

According to sources who spoke to the paper "Last Minute", the circular was to change the government's position on the involvement of Sudanese forces in the Yemen war from strategic to tactical.

She pointed out that the matter was based on a study by diplomats, and was submitted to the leadership of the ministry, and then circulated to embassies.

The sources said the move was "a surprising development in Sudan's position on the Yemen war which has been going on for several years."

The strategy is described as more comprehensive and has a wider scope and coverage. Tactics are limited in scope and coverage, and are defined as the overall plan to reach the ultimate goal, while the tactic is a partial plan to achieve a partial goal.

On the return of the Sudanese army from Yemen, the Sudanese Prime Minister said in an interview with "France 24" on Monday that "the matter is governed by the constitutional document, which must respect all the agreements signed until the end of the transitional period."

Since March 2015, Sudan has taken a decision to participate in a Saudi-led military alliance against Ansar Allah in Yemen, and Khartoum has sent thousands of infantry troops there.

From time to time there were reports that Sudan would withdraw its troops from Yemen and that the relationship between the two countries is tense, but Sudanese officials, led by isolated Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, has always stressed the depth of relations with Saudi Arabia, and the need to defend its security, because ".

Unofficial estimates put the real number of Sudanese troops involved in the Yemen war at close to 10,000, most of them from the Rapid Support Forces led by Humaidi.

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