Newspaper: Israel is preparing for a "possible shower" of Iranian missiles and drones


the world.

The Israeli defense establishment is analyzing an attack last month against Saudi oil facilities attributed to Iran to see how to protect the country from a possible similar attack, Israeli media reports said.

"The attack by drones and programmed missiles on September 14 killed half of the kingdom's oil production, and impressed Israeli analysts because it successfully penetrated Saudi defenses, including the Patriot air defense system," Channel 13 said in a report. Israel is also using it, "according to the Times of Israel.
"The Iranians have shown a remarkable ability to attack Saudi Arabia," a senior officer in the IDF's Military Intelligence Unit, whose only Hebrew name, Yod, was revealed to Channel 13.

Referring to the Iranian attack, Yudd said: "They are getting a high mark, too high," stressing at the same time that Tehran would never succeed if it tried to launch a similar attack on Israel.

"Israel is assessing the threat in a very informed and balanced way," he said.

On Monday, Israeli army chief Aviv Kochavi also warned that any attack on the country would face a backlash.

"We will not allow an attack against Israel and if that happens we will respond strongly," Kochavi said at a memorial ceremony for the paratroopers killed. "We keep our eyes open, conduct daily assessments of the situation, make professional decisions that lead to attacks and thwart threats."

Channel 12 also reported that "defense officials who have studied the weapons used in the attack on Saudi facilities have concluded that a similar attack by Israel against Israel, launched from western Iraq, is likely to be launched, where there is a strong presence of Iranian-backed militias."

Yemen's Ansar Allah group on Saturday (September 14th) claimed a drone attack on two oil facilities belonging to Saudi oil giant Aramco in Abqaiq and Hijrat Khurais in Saudi Arabia's eastern region.

But Saudi Arabia has offered remnants of what Iranian drones and cruise missiles used to attack Saudi oil facilities, saying they were "undeniable" evidence of Iranian aggression.

For its part, Iran denied the accusations, saying that these statements are baseless, and there is no evidence of involvement in the targeting of Saudi Aramco.

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