New revaluations on pensions: how checks change


The government prepares a "tip" on pensions. After the robbery with the block of the revaluations above the 1500 euros, in fact the Giallorossi are ready to recognize the full indexation to all pensions until 2000 euros. And in fact, according to the ongoing negotiations between the MEF and Palazzo Chigi, the increase should come even after the meeting between the government and the unions. The trade unions themselves discussed with Labor Minister Cataldo and the Treasury Minister, Gualtieri, about the adjustment of the allowances to the cost of living. In fact with 100% full revaluation they will change all the amounts ranging from 1522 euros gross to 2030 gross. With the "adjustments" of the previous government for pensions over 3 times the minimum and below 4, the revaluation will be 97%, 77% for amounts between 4 and 5 times the minimum, 52% between 5 times and 6 times the minimum, 47% over 6 times, 45 over 8 times and only 40% over 9 times the minimum. In the past few months INPS has proceeded to recover the sums unduly paid with full revaluation paid from January to March. The timing of the approval of the last one triggered the withdrawal maneuver, that for 2019. The Budget law has seen the light in the last two days of January and in fact INPS has not had the time to adjust the check numbers thus triggering a higher revaluation. Now, if the executive's intention is confirmed, then we would return more or less to the numbers of checks last January. It should be remembered that the adjustment of checks up to 2000 neuro will pass from an equalization of 97 per cent to 100 per cent. The difference in collection on the installment will be minimal. However, the revaluations for checks over 2000 euros remain reduced. In fact for checks over 4 and up to 5 times the minimum, the equalization index is 77% and the increase is equal to 0.85%, for accruals over 5 and up to 6 times the minimum, the equalization index is 52% and the increase is 0.57%, for treatments over 6 and up to 8 times the minimum, the equalization index is 47% and the increase is 0.52% , for pensions over 8 and up to 9 times the minimum, the equalization index is 45% and the increase is 0.50%. Finally for treatments over 9 times the minimum, the equalization index is 40% and the increase is 0.44%. In short, the government's move tastes like crumbs. The rest of the pensioners who receive a check over 2000 euros will have to deal with a downward revaluation.

And on this front the lawyer Celeste Collovati of Dirittissimo ([email protected]) battles against the rights of pensioners: "I remember how the Court affirmed the illegitimacy of the pension deduction rules in the event of their repetition (Ruling no. 250 of 2017). And the rules approved with the Budget Law for 2019 reiterate previous rules on cuts. Ultimately, these are rules that not only violate the constitutional principle of legal certainty, as they affect acquired rights on which citizens legitimately rely, but they clearly violate the prohibition of repetition sanctioned by the Constitutional Court, as well as the protection of integrity of the pension, constitutionally protected".

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