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MotoGP 2019. Rossi: We always have the same problem

It's definitely not a good time for Valentino Rossi: while Maverick Vinales and Fabio Quartararo are often on the podium, he struggles to find the right balance for his M1, with great rear-wheel drive problems. It is clear that a radical change is needed: Valentino is aware of it.

"After the race in Thailand (read all the articles), we had a long technical meeting with all the engineers, because we have the same problem from a few GPs: lack of rear grip. We must intervene on the balance of the bike, do something great. Here we will try ".

Do you have to change your driving style too?
"Surely you can always improve, but it doesn't seem to me that there is a big difference with the others. I think it is above all a question of structure: Vinales and Quartararo are going strong, meaning that the M1 is growing. We must find ways to adapt it to my needs as well ”.

What is the goal for the season finale?
"Always the same: try to make good races, stay ahead. There are three great GPs on three beautiful tracks: I really like Motegi, and it's always particular to come to Japan, a world totally different from the one we're used to ”.

Zarco seemed to be doing the Yamaha test, instead he will race for Honda from the next GP.
"It's a shame: Yamaha had looked for him as a test rider, it would have been important and it would have been a good helper, considering he has already driven Yamaha for two years. The project to make a good test team for 2020 remains even if Zarco will not come: we will have to find someone else ".

At the microphones of Sky, the sports director Maio Meregalli said: "The program is to decide here at Motegi how to set up the 2020 test team: Zarco no longer seems to be an option, it is likely that we will continue with Jonas Folger". Probably not what Rossi expected. Nor Silvano Galbusera …

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